When creating my painting artworks, my work begins before the priming of my canvas, namely with the composition of my canvas=H-Canvas. H-Canvas is a handmade canvas composed by the H-Key-Knot Technique.


With H-Canvas I can materialize and dematerialize my medium while composing the light reflection.

With H-Canvas (Handmade Canvas) I have freed myself from the obligation to creatively cover the canvas entirely. 



H-Canvas is an individually handmade canvas following the composition of the H-Key-Knot Technique.
With the H-Key-Knot Technique I created the ideal dancing partner for my painting colours. This unique creation process of a
H-Canvas is combination of symphony and mathematics.


Another advantage of the H-Canvas is the freedom given by dematerializing certain areas of the painting surface and leaving them completely open - like on my painting "POINT ONE". So there is no compulsion to have to or want to fill an entire area.
I can consciously integrate such surfaces into my artistic work.